Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Zombi + process

Heeeey Guys! =)

Here's Zombi =) Came out okay I think, learnt a lot about retopologising =) Lost sooooo much sleep trying to make a good low poly, but the face is a fail =) Will be working on my low poly tech over the next few weeks =) Loved making the character, obviously stuff needs improving in all departments =) Thank you for any feedback, it is much appreciated =) Cheers =)

Process =)

ctrl + click to full view


  1. Oh wow very nice!! you're like a pro aleady xD Just wondering though what are those japanese characters on her back? D:

  2. Aww fanx Jules! =) Mmm I wish I could accept that but I still feel I got a looooong way to go.. thank you for the compliment =) Yip they mean 'Zombi' in Japanese.. lull =) Thank you for the wonderful support Julia =) Have a great weekend! =)

  3. wow, nice work! :) i like it!

  4. i'd really love to know how you do this *-*
    you do some great 3D work!

  5. Yup it's awesome! Looking forward for more.

  6. Good basic outline for the hair, Ed. I like the process from that to your final. Scary stuff. Scary good! Ha ha, yea I'm lame. Keep it up :P

  7. Oh wow guys, Thank you for the wonderful comments! =)

    @Pums - Cheers man, I'm glad you likey! =)

    @Stella - Thank you Stells! =) Jus practice really, no secret! =) And having fun is important! =)

    @Ramalooke - Aww cheers man! =) Will make some more! =)

    @Jenna - Lull.. , you're so hot btw =) Lull cheers =)