Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas =)

Heey Guys and Girlz! =)

Nearly the end of 2011, learnt lots, particularly for art, which is my life =)

I have no idea what next year will bring, but I'm hoping it will be even more fruitful than this year =)

Until then, I'm going to keep drawing and keep my dream in front of me like a shining star =)

Merry Christmas everyone =) See you all next year =) Have a good one =)


  1. Thank you! :)
    I wish you a merry Christmas
    Dreams come true
    Happy new year
    Cheers :))) :)

  2. Lovely painting! Nice composition and texture work! :)

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy and fulfilling New Year! :)

  3. Aww cheers guys! =) You are the best! =) I hope you guys have a wonderful time off and that the new year will bring many awesome things to you =) Have a good one guys and keep well for now =)

  4. Late marry christmas and have a great productive new year ;) cheers!

  5. Hey Edward, I hope you had a great christmas time and also that you're having a great New Year! That painting just turned out awesome :D

  6. @Ramalooke - Thank you Rama! =) You too, good luck with getting awesome! =) Cheers man =)

    @Stella - Heeey Stells! =) Thank you very much =) I hope you are having fun with your art =) Good luck for next year as well =) Cheers! =)