Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Zombi - Dress Options

Heey Guys! =)

Well so much for finishing the character over the weekend =) I spent the last two days researching how to sculpt dresses, like how folds work in reality and how to make them in Zbrush, here's a selection of the tutorials I found helpful, ranging from complete beginner's stuff to the more detailed: Jumper, Screenwriter's clothing tutorial, and Andrew Klein's Fabric Sculpting Techniques. I found the last one particularly helpful. =) So it was a bit trickier than I thought. =) I decided not to split up the mesh too much either, as that will jus complicate things and I want to keep things nice and simple for myself =)

Which one of these dresses do you like the most? =)

Thank you for your feedback and keep well everyone =)


  1. I like #2 the best! Very cool asymetry xD Thanks for the tut links also, will have to try it soon hehe

  2. Thank you Julia! =) Ah, you're the second person to choose that one! =) Waha! =) Np! =) Sure, dive in, I love Zbrush myself.. so Awesome! =) Happy Thanksgiving! =)

  3. I like te 2nd one. But without this long sleeve. Beside there are some anatomical issues around the shoulder/neck area you want to double check that. Keep it up ;3 Oh and sorry for lack of comments my schedule is a mest right now and I don't have time to update my own stuff, not even saying about checking others blogs :P. But I'm visiting you pretty often xd

  4. Pums - Aww cheers man! =) Thank you =)

    Ramalooke - Ahh sweet thank you bro!!! =) I guess it's pretty unanimous, you guys like the 2nd one =) Ah I wish I could change the long sleeve but I made the low poly for it already, but I'll keep that in mind for the next character =)

    Thank you for that awesome feedback bro, I made adjustments to the shoulder and neck =) Will show you soon =) Hey it's qwl bro =) Jus keep drawing when you can, a scribble here and there adds up eventually =) Cheers bro, thank you very much =) Have an awesome week and we chat soon! =)