Saturday, 19 November 2011

Zombi - Preview

Heey Guys! =)

Thank you to everyone for the nice feedback, it is very much appreciated =)
Would like to push this to finish over the weekend, altho I won't be here tomorrow, visiting family =) Will post up the process when I finish the whole thing =) Next I'd like to finish the sculpting and move onto the clothing and hair style, and then to texturing/lighting =) So lots of work but I hope to keep the flow going =) Thank you guys, have a great weekend and keep well =)


  1. well i don't know anything about 3d, but zombie dude is looking promising ;3

  2. Ramalooke - Aww cheers man! =) Rocking!!! =)

  3. She got a nice ass :p loll jk. I really like the anatomy here! cool zombie toes too! Keep going and happy early thanksgiving ^_^

  4. Aww cheers Jules! =) Haha... I'm glad you like her ass! =) Thank you for the nice compliment =) I don't celebrate thanksgiving, however my brother, who lives in the US does! =) Will update pretty soon on the zombie! =) Thank you Julia! =)