Thursday, 17 November 2011

Char Design (Uni Work)

Heeey hoooy! =)

Made a start on the character design =) I decided to make my own character, not really fussed about taking someone elses model sheet tbh... makes me feel uncreative.. =) So seeing as there's no time to design anything, I thought to keep it simple and jus go with a zombie character, well hurray for originality! =)

Last night, I quickly blocked in the character in Zbrush to get things going =)

The lamest model sheet in existence! =) Got to improve my crappy drawing =( I'll be painting this soon as well =)

The character won't obviously be that epic, but my plan is to emphasise certain, unique features to make the character more interesting. I've tried to hint at this in my model sheet, and it should be noticeable in the reference =)

For example, I'd like to give the zombie quite distinctive glossy white eyes, some kind of sickly skin texture, and then some interesting looking hands and feet which have sharp talon like nails. She will be wearing a ripped skin tight top and pants =)

Any feedback/crits welcome =) Thank you =)


  1. Nice model sheet, I can't wait to see the next step!

  2. sounds pretty cool! I'm eager to see the 3d zombie. maybe try to give her some different clothes like skirt & shirt, a dress etc.
    so you can make like 3 models or more with different designs.

  3. SOrry that I haven't been keeping up with things, haha. That zombie of yours might end up too beautiful :P sounds great and lookinng forward to the model!

  4. Marianne - Thank you very much for the compliment =) Will show something soon =)

    Stella - Sure, I'll try some different dresses as you suggested =) I make the clothing separate from the body =) Thank you for the compliment Stells =)

    Julia - Hey it's okay, was wondering where you were.. =) I hope so too, will show something soon, hopefully today, I did quite a bit of work on it yesterday, will show a process if it helps as well =) Cheers Julia =)

  5. Yaw, pretty sweet work mate ;3

  6. Thank you Rama! =) Will come check your stuff out soon =) Cheers bro =)