Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Final Major Project - Uni Work (Wip)

Heeey! =) Well I did jack over the weekend =) , but made a start on concepting the Wizard Room in thumb concepts this evening =) Started on a value concept now, which isn't anywhere near finished, but I'm showing you guys the progress in any case =) Will paint and finish all of the concepts and post them up this week =) Would like a moonlight ambience for the room, with imposing columns, a grand entrance through heavy-set double doors, and dramatic tapestry which descends from the ceiling =) I saw this qwl effect in Quake 4 where a Strogg flag blows in the wind, I'm totally up for achieving similar effects =)

Tomorrow morning we get briefed on character design, so I'll be juggling that along with area design, Fun! =) See you guys soon in another update! =)


  1. Wowwww you've been doing soo much work x_x you are awesome

  2. Thank you for the compliment Julia =) Mmm, I feel like I'm still behind tho.. =)

  3. The tapestry overlay looks very clustered and confusing. Just had a closer look at the last couple of thumbnails: it was difficult to tell at first glance how the draperies are laid out. Highly suggest working everything within stronger perspective, since what you're trying to show is highly architectural. Words are nothing, make sure the visuals communicate across to the viewer.

  4. Heeey Ron! =) Thank you for the feedback, those are some good points =) I'll tidy up the drapery as you suggest and tighten up the persp =) For sure, I'll neaten them up in the paintings as well! =) Cheers for the crit! =)