Wednesday, 5 October 2011

UDK =)

Hey heey! =)

Okay, made a start on the temple tonight, I'm a bit iffy about it, the texturing is a bit of a joke atm =) Will try to make it better tomorrow somehow =) Tried to use a modular approach on the temple, basically by texturing a flat plane (1024 x 1024 units) and then cutting out pieces of door and wall.

Then doing simple power of 2 extrusions on those pieces to create basic geometry which mimics the texture, hope that makes sense =) This tutorial explains modular building/texturing, except I'm pretty bad at it. =)

Earlier tonight I also got ladders working so you can climb up pipes, and then also got jump pads to work as well, all learnt from this tutorial. I couldn't seem to get ladders working on Static Mesh walls and such (like my own walls and fences for example). Could only get it working on BSP mesh. Hope that helps =)

Oh, and another tip, UDK editor seems to lag my computer a lot, if you open the Content Browser and click Import, but then leave that screen open, you can do like modeling in Max or stuff in Photoshop without any lag, Okay qwl =) See you guys tomorrow =)


  1. I think you are doing a pretty good job. Did you start this as in 3ds Max?

    I only worked in 3D with Z brush and Daz studio. I am no good a z brush, but I would really like to take some sort of classes to learn how to build my own characters and landscapes.

    Thanks for the links to the videos!

  2. Aww thank you Marianne! =) Yip pretty much. Most of the mesh is blocked out in simple forms in 3DS Max, then any high poly detail (only certain things like the wall for example) is made in Zbrush. High poly models are decimated and brought back into 3DS Max, they're then rendered to textured onto the low poly/blockout models.

    Other models, like temple, I'm doing those using modular building which is basically simple forms with phototexturing popped on. Mmm, I haven't really found a place to learn this stuff myself, so I just teach myself stuff and make it fun =)

    Cheers Marianne! =)

  3. So cool to see how that temple grows and grows and with him your knowledge and skill :D
    you're doing really great. I wish I could build up such enviros in 3D.
    how do you do the textures?

  4. I have saved a link for some zbrush tutorials, perhaps some of the videos are useful for you.
    I did't have time to watch them myself, but I hope to do it soon.

  5. @Stella - Aww thank you Stella! =) Textures, well there are two ways I like doing it, one is to do tileable (tiling) textures, I use this for large surfaces like floors and large parts of buildings and such.

    And then the other way I do it is you finish the modelling for your model and then unwrap it into logical pieces, like a character for example, you got a body, limbs, head, and any clothing/equipment right. Or for simple items just split it up into manageable pieces.

    Here are some tutorials to get you started =)

    UV Unwrapping a face:

    Textures and Materials:

    Cheers! =)

    @Marianne - Aww thank you Marianne! =) I've watched some of those but I'll take a look soon and watch any I missed again. Good luck with your work, and go ago! =) Cheers and thank you very much! =)