Tuesday, 4 October 2011

UDK =)

Hiya =)

More shots, sorry I'm dragging my heels with this temple area, just that I haven't been putting all my time into it, it's just something I work on in the evenings.. =) Okay so tonight I just did a quick sketch to get a feeling for the temple dimensions and then quickly blocked it out in 3DS Max, and popped it in the UDK. Also toned down the specularity for the Naga statues as they were a bit shiny - in the specular map itself, just made it darker in value, and then also in UDK in the material editor, you can tweak the Specular Power using a constant variable, I made it 33.0 or somesuch which is about the reflectivity for stone =)

Would like to actually step up development a bit next, so next will be making the temple, doing the foliage, perfecting the light, water and fog, and adding in some sound and any other little finishing touches =) Cheers! =)


  1. wowow amazing... you sound like a pro already with all those complicated terms ;-; you make me feel so inadequate! really enjoyed your inspiration photos as well, hope to see some elements from those in the future!

  2. Cheers Julia! =) Whyaat, lull, wish I was pro! =) Still a ways to go yet =) Ah cheers, np =) Not much time tonight, busy working out how best to use my time.. lull and gonna dive in and do something at least =) Cheers and good luck with your next works! =)