Thursday, 6 October 2011

Maya Environment - Uni Work

Hey heey! =)

Okay, here's the start of my Uni work, we have to make an environment, I got permission to render it out in UDK which I'm pretty excited about =) HOWEVER, we have to do most of the modeling using Maya, as we have to get experience using it. So my plan is to keep things very simple and just add hints of detail with Zbrush =) Atm, I'm interested in doing an alleyway, think New York City-inspired alleyway =)

Sorry I don't have any drawings tonight, it's all just ref/inspiration, but it's been hammered into me time and time again, good preparation and research. Also I decided to spruce up the background a bit on my reference sheets, cuz it was looking really flat and uncreative. I used some grunge brushes, here's the link to whole sets of them. I ended up using these brushes, as they had a nice smooth feel to them! =)

I quite liked Prey 2, although I'm going to stay away from too much sci fi and complicated geometry, jus simple stuff for this seeing as we have to use Maya to do the modeling.

In short I'm going for, Alleyway crossed with RAGE. Cheers guys. =)


  1. I'm soo going to get Skyrim xD
    I was like ^___________^ when I saw that screenshort.
    Nice collection of Conceptarts!
    may i ask what you are studying? sounds like something i would die for to study ^^

  2. Thank you for the compliment Stella! =)

    Need to get as good as those conceptart guys.. they are so crazy good =)

    I'm studying BA Game Art and Animation.., tbh though it's what you put in, for example if I were to study on my own I'd have to be just as disciplined.

    I met some really awesome friends here.. and that's pretty much what counts to me.. cuz they are what get you through the trials of fire..

    Still have a long way to go though even once I graduate (hopefully).. I'm in my last year now.. but still feel I'm wayyyyy behind where I should be tbh..

    Cheers Stella =)

  3. ah, I'm so jealous :D
    Wanted to study exactly the same but I can't afford the fee for it. its horribly expensive.
    Wishing you much success for your last year. I'm sure you will do it! :)