Saturday, 15 October 2011

UDK BackAlley (Uni Work)

Hey heey Guys! =)

Okay, after much trial and tribulation, got the blockin from Maya into UDK. Had major issues with poly flipping, where I'd make a model in Maya and for some archaic reason all the polys would be flipped, so when it's imported into UDK, well you get an inside-out mesh! Fantastic! =) Okay enough with the Maya bashing! =) Here's the blockin... =)

AND! I'm SOOO HAPPY! =) Managed to solve my Rubix cube! Check it out!!!!!11!!1111 =) Lull =)

Have a great weekend everyone! =) Cheers Guys! =)


  1. Ok, the last message got lost, and there were some good words there..

    Groundwork is very good for the alley. Depends which direction it's going, but it's possible to make the walls tall, disappearing into the darkness or confusion of ambient lights. Explore a little more of environment design. I have to add, the references are really good for the type of work you're doing. Keep that habit.

  2. Heey Ron! =)

    Thank you for the compliment on my stuff! =) Yip, the walls will sort of fade into some ground fog and the sky will also have some buildings in it, atm that's a temporary sky =) Sure will start to explore some ways of fading it out =)

    Aww gee thank you =) Haha, that's awesome! =)

    Cheers bro! =)