Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Maya Environment - Turnaround Drawings (Uni Work)

Hey heey! =)

Okay, this is prolly the most boring-to-look-at update, sorry! =), but I thought to post it up jus to show what I'm working on at Uni. Basically turnaround drawings of everything in the scene which I'm planning to make with Maya and UDK. I must confess, I was bored to death doing this stuff.. I don't much enjoy drawing mechanical stuff.. not sure who does, meeoww! =)

Yip, it prolly looks very sterile but I'm trying to be cleaner in my drawings and use crisper lines in general to give a better effect. I hope it doesn't seem entirely boring to look at, really trying to just go for a cleaner look in general.

I would usually do turnarounds of more organic things in pencil but for certain things, particularly mechanical objects and such I prefer to use digital drawing instead, the mantra being to use the mechanical to make the mechanical, makes sense to me =) Using Shift to draw straight lines in Photoshop, and also using the marquee and stroke tools to create lines. I hope that helps =)

Well that's all for now =) Hope I haven't bored you to tears yet =) Going to proceed with Production now, which basically means creating the models in Maya and arranging them in the UDK engine =)

Oh btw, maaan, I feel so down atm, I saw a girl on the train today and she looked so depressed.. I hope I don't ever become like that.. that just sucks! =) Well.. onto more improvements and betterment! =) Cheers! =)


  1. I didn't know turnaround sheets existed for enviros! But it makes incredible sense now haha. Good luck with the production part :)

    And.. I don't think these look 'sterile' at all - on the contrary they look quite professional and technical. How do you get those straight lines?? some magical secret I don't know? xD

    I wonder who that girl was and what happened to her. Guess we'll never know.. :/

  2. Thank you Julia!!! =) Yip, Iknowright! =) Thank you for the nice compliment on my stuff =)

    Straight lines in PS, basically just hold down the Shift key and drag with the stylus, also jus click once and then hold Shift and click another dot to make a line in any direction. I also use Transform tool to move things into perspective =)

    There is a magical secret yessss! Haha =)

    Lull =)

    Yeah.. I guess so, haha =)

    Cheers Julia! =)

  3. Whaat? That is it, shift in PS?? D: amazement x2, I tried to use the shift feature but could never achieve straight accurate uniform lines as you have here. rr, must need more practice! these are amazing all over again now, haha. Thanks for the re!

  4. Aww thank you Julia =) Keep holding the Shift key as you draw =) I use a lot of Transform tool as well and basically drawing straight =) Hope that helps =) Going to put up some UDK work soon =) Cheers for the great support =) Very much appreciate it =)

  5. Hmm, the background takes too much space, reduce the width and see how it looks? Feels a little distracting when there's so much empty space around. Or at least make the blueprints brighter to keep closer attention of.

  6. Hey bro! =) Sure thing, will reduce the sides a bit =) Also Blogspot has some strange preview atm.. it cuts the images when you click on them =( Sorry about that =) Will make some adjustments in any case =) Cheers! =)