Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Final Major Project - Uni Work

Heey Guys! =)

So here we are, my Final, Last, The End, "This Is It!" Uni project =) I jus dove in today with renewed passion =)

I've been spellbound by Blizzard's work on Diablo 3, in particular their 'Making of Black Soulstone Cinematic' =)

If you have time to read, here's an indepth article on the cinematic as well:

I've been consistently amazed by the work of Blizzard, and I got a better idea of why I like their games so much =)

Storytelling plays an important role in their design pipeline and aesthetics. It also makes sense because the amount of things you have to design can be planned out when storyboarding. I found this particularly interesting =)

Iterating (changing designs) quickly, layering light, and the artistic interpretation of real world studies were very good ideas imho =)

Here's a few snippets of my other reference =)

Cheers Guys! =)
PS - This was for my collaboration for Final Major Project (this is in addition the stuff I'm doing for Joe's UDK project). I haven't really given much thought to my personal projects yet, other than I'm thinking of making two characters (3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting). Will make a post about that asap =)


  1. woww so much inspiration inspires me too :D
    I would LOVE to see you make characters!

  2. Heey Jules!!! =) Haha, that's qwl, I'm happy to hear that! =) I can't remember where I heard this from, really wish I could remember, but anyway, it was something like 'If you're not doing things differently, you'll never do them differently' or something to that effect. Anyway, that's what I'm trying to do this year =)