Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final Major Project - Ref Work

Heey Guys =)

Jus a quick update on things, been collecting ref mostly =) It's been banged into me time and time again not to neglect my reference! =) I still haven't finished yet, but I got most of it last night. Will be doing the Walls and Floors this morning, as well as Lighting. And then I'll forge ahead with concepting out the entire room. Okay so that's a lot of work already. See you guys =)

PS - I'd like to thank the following people on DeviantArt for some great inspiration on the arcane circles and paper textures: Ayelie, General Vyse, KnightRanger, Moonlight4ngel, Pelleron, Perspecto, Polkapebble, Spiteful Pie, ThySinOfLust, Tseon, WingsOfAHero, ZeplinQueen =)
Shew I'm out of breath =) I've never drawn that kind of stuff before so thank you, I won't be using your works directly, they are just being used as inspiration, but I thought to be generous and mention where I'm getting ideas from =) Cheers Guys =)


  1. Oh wow! I know I've said it before .. but wow are you productive D: How long do these take you? how do you keep on track and churn out work like this? ;A;

  2. Thank you Julia! =) Really appreciate the compliment! =)

    Ref takes a while.. I spent about 2 days gathering ref, it has to be relevant mostly, I mean it's easy to get a load of crap together and say it's reference, but then later on you'll just have to get what you need anyway =)

    How do I keep on track, oh wow.. I don't really have a special system =) I basically write down exactly what needs to be done in my sketch book, and then I try break down things into small tasks, and then I just have to work and stick to it =) Also every evening I write down what I'm going to do the following day, so I wake up and jus start working right away =)

    Cheers Julia! =)

  3. You did a very good job. I'm pretty impressed!

  4. Ah cheers bro! =) Thank you very much for the compliment =) It is very much appreciated =)

  5. Thanks for the message:)
    These great your projects. I like very much.

  6. Thank you Pums! =) Hope to show you guys some more things soon! =) Cheers bro =)