Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hey heey =) Okay, sorry for no updates the past day or so, been busy with stuff. So tonight I did some more work on this area, not much mind, but just working on the temple stairs. Trying to get more texture in, I didn't much time tonight so that's all there is but just showing you guys the progress. =) Nights =)


  1. omg looking great!! I started playing around in udk and it is soo confusing so far :c

  2. Aww thank you Julia! =) Mmm, I looked at a lot of Waylon Brinck stuff, check here:
    Also watched his Gnomon dvd, Intro to UDK,
    And then just have fun with it, mind you, I still have a tonne of stuff to learn yet, but it's fun if you make it fun =) Cheers =)