Monday, 26 September 2011

UDK =)

Hiya =) I guess I'm not good enough yet to speed up in 3d cuz I'm behind schedule, the modeling takes me longer than I think, so I prolly should just practice the hell out of it until I get faster.. =) Excuse the obnoxiously bad naga sculpt.. I promise to improve it in future sculpts =) So got the platform and temple to do, the foliage (yip trees are important!) =) Then sound and vfx and finishing touches to lighting and such after that.. so still plenty to do, but that's it for tonight =) See you guys =)


  1. Looks interesting! Do you model and texture all these elements on your own?
    I have tried level designing in the construction set of TES:Oblivion a year ago but I had to stop it sadly because of my drawing training^^
    i'd be interested in what you are planning to build here. i love game art and level design ;D the light & shadow ambient looks really good already.

  2. Ah cheers Stella! =) Yip, all the work you see there is my own =)

    Yip, same, I got Uni atm, and it's really sucking my time.

    Basically my plan is to build a small'ish area, with a temple and steps in it. And then a bit of foliage (trees and plants), some sky and a bit of weather and effects. And make it look nice.

    Getting a concrete idea on what you want to do, getting inspiration and appropriate reference, and then knowing how the Unreal Development Kit works are some of the key steps to doing this work. Also knowing how to model and sculpt using 3DS Max and Zbrush are very important.

    It's a lot of work but those are the main things really. I've basically worked with the UDK for a few months prior to this, but I still need lots of practice really. I need a lot more practice in sculpting (3DS modeling and Zbrush) though.

    Hope that helps and thank you for the compliment =)