Friday, 23 September 2011

UDK Terrain

Hiya =)
Here's kind of a Wip/process.. not sure if you are interested.. Basically blocked out the terrain with Tools -> Terrain.. (default 16 x 16 patch) in the UDK editor.. And then painted it with textures using the terrain painter (Shift + 3).. =)

The basic idea I have in mind is inspired by an Asian Naga temple (Angkor Wat and Neak Pean).. Mmm.. I quite like the idea of it.. =) There's some ref at the end so you can see what I like =)

Also made my own skydome and played around with a post process volume (there's a volume brush on the right hand side of the editor if you want to play around with the depth of field using a process volume).. =) Mmm.. Also put in a dominant light source to make the ambient lighting and then set the reflected light in the world properties.

Next, I'm going to try and refine the terrain a bit and then try work in my own building materials and textures. I may scrap this test altogether though, see how it goes =) See you guys =)


  1. You have some great textures there!

  2. Wowow you made all this? amazing :D you officially inspired jelly in me. must try enviro modelling in udk asap >:D

  3. @Marianne - Thank you babes! =) I didn't make the textures tho.. Making my own in the next update =) Cheers! =)

    @Cloudcan - Lull.. not quite, the textures and models aren't mine, just testing out the terrain painting =) It's pretty awesome, except I'm failing at the scaling, keep making things look gigantic, need to get a handle on it =) Lull.. Well, just have fun, can be a bit frustrating, like tonight for example =) Keep well bro and good luck with your UDK piece, looking forward to seeing as well =)