Saturday, 24 September 2011

Naga Temple =)

Heey heey =)

Okay, so tonight just as I was about to save the latest area file, UDK corrupted the area.. =( So I quickly put together something similar, and tbh I think it looks better than what I had before if I do say so myself =)

Basically painted some more terrain, played with light bloom and water effects =) Started putting in my own textures for stuff as well =)

Next I'd like to fix the lighting, it's really bad, and suddenly my render times have gone up, not sure what's causing it, maybe the water.. =) Need to get a better handle on the scale in UDK, as to what I'm modeling in 3DS =) Then will start to build up more stuff like more of the platform/temple, some snake statues maybe and fix up the water a bit and make some plants too.. See you guys tomorrow =)


  1. wowow omg your work makes me soo excited about starting udk :DDDD (yeah I STILL havent started it!! but I will after I get the chow done with..) do some more udk works!!! :DDD

  2. Lull cheers bro =) Will do =) Hope to get much better than this tho.. like 1 mill times better.. lull =) Whoa.. nice, looking forward to seeing the Chow, I never done them before myself. Okay qwl, hope to show something soon =) Keep well bro =)