Friday, 21 January 2011

Rogue Turnaround

Could only manage to do front and side.. running out of time.. =)


  1. U may want to try find some ready simple front and side photo or something and work your character in that, since your aim is to train in modeling. If the assigment is also to train in managing the anatomy in front and side then keep it up and pay attention to symmetry and construction in this case :)

  2. Hey bro, yip.. for this exercise only modeling.. but.. yip.. the anatomy and construction could be a lot better. I think I need to practice more flow, because that is so important to me, and then I will try to build in the anatomy into this flow. At the moment though, the flow isn't properly done, I thought I would have it practiced by now.. but I need so much more practice for it.. I will keep trying though, some more posts coming where you can see the development of flow. Many of my drawings are crap for it though when studying, but we'll see.. things should get better with more practice. I'll get some photos to compare and correct with, most of the time I don't use reference though, to try train myself to remember the shapes at any angle. =) Have a good one bro and thank you for the tips. =)