Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rogue Progress

Hey guys and girlz!

After a bit of backing and forthing for Rogue.. like deciding what is the best approach and some tips from Taylor on sculpting her.. I've pretty much blocked out my character. All the basic shape is there.. I think.. I haven't done much 3d sculpting before so I'm just feeling my way through the process at the moment.

This is just like the basic shape from my model sheet blocked out with polys.

From here I'm going to add further shape and definition to her body, the clothing, and begin putting in some of the anatomy.

Tbh, I would like to get this to a point where I'm having fun with making things in 3d. At the moment though, I feel a bit uncertain how things are going to turn out. But with practice and a bit of perseverence I think things will get better. =)

Have fun! =)

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