Sunday, 22 July 2012


Heey =)

Got a job 3d modeling so I'm pretty busy atm. Anyway some new paintings! =) Atom is a young warrior princess in the Amaldur Realms. She is apparently going to save everyone from a grave danger! The story is ongoing so will work it out as I go along... =) Hope you like, no refs. The GT40 is reffed tho, I was very inspired by the movie Fast Five so decided to paint a car as I'm crap at drawing them =( Oh there is also an old piece I made for 3d in case you are interested, it is a Coke Zero study =) Okay guys, hope your works are going swell! =)

Cheers for now =)


  1. Your work is amazing! Glad to appreciate.

  2. Excelente trabajo!

    Me ha encantado, sobre todo, la princesa guerrera ...

    Un beso

  3. Hi dear Edward,
    It is a joy to know that and you got a job on the subject you love, the warrior princess is beautiful and I really think you draw very well.
    Took a short winter holiday but I'm back.
    A warm embrace and enjoy the Olympics so closely!