Thursday, 15 March 2012


Heeey! =) Sorry for not posting much, decided to expand abit on the fish project. Going to be making an underwater feature instead now, inspired somewhat by the Neptune Memorial Reef =) It's an underwater reef cemetry, awesomes! =) Here are some experiments to get a suitable mood and feel...

Trying to get nice fast ambient occlusion bakes with Faogen =) Retopologising with 3DCoat =)

Here's the blockout =)

Cheers guys =) Have a good one =)


  1. Hi Edward, what an original blogart, with the seabed. I'm a little scared with it but very inspiring at the same time! Fabulous.
    Have a nice day. Hugs.

  2. Hi Edward!
    It was nice discovering your message on my blog today!
    Thanks for your kind comment!
    To answer your question, We live for 16 years in SA, breeding parrots intensively, hand raising and so on, then 3 years in in the States, NC, Raleigh. I was born in NY, so nothing really new!
    Now we live in the south of France but we are selling our place to fly off for good to... Australia to join our eldest sun and our grand-children! He is a professional diver, working on off-shore oil rigs!
    Thats the plan, hope it works out!! LOL!
    Do you live in Florida?
    That is a place I love!
    I would spend my time at the Parrot Jungle and in the Everglades!! :)
    Since I have a few minutes, I'll check you blog, I like the presentation and the underwater feel!
    I'll join he Member's list!
    Cheers, and hope to read more of you soon!

  3. Hello Edward, is a pleasure to visit your blog, happy coincidence, I have my Deviantart page just do not use it much, but I'm glad to discover your blog, thanks for reading, I will read you often.


  4. Hola! Tus trabajos me parecen de una gran creatividad mis felicitaciones, Gracias por tu visita en mi espacio. Un saludo

  5. Nice work, you´re really good at it. Thanks for visiting my blog, i´ll follow you from now on, see you soon!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful comments, I really appreciate your kindness =) Have a lovely rest of your week everyone *Meeowhugs all round* =)

  7. ¡Qué belleza!

    Interesante tu trabajo.

    Gracias por visitar mi jardín.

    Un abrazo