Friday, 2 March 2012

UDK Crypt

Heey! =) Okay, finished this enviro for the moment. Had to redo a load of things for it, and it's still not right, but I don't have time to change anything now, as I have to move on with the next project already, which is the fish! =) I will come back to this enviro though and really tidy things up. Sounds need to be added for example, and generally a lot more polish needs to be added..

Started sculpting the fish and I'm thinking about using Topogun to create the low poly..

See you guys again soon =) Hope you keeping well =)


  1. Wow, it looks amazing! The atmosphere D: I wish it was part of a real game I could play D:
    Fish is looking great, how do you get that scale texture??

    1. That's cool, thank you Jules! =)

      Mmm, for the scales, really wanted to do a better job on them tbh, made them by lightly draging over a texture brush (skin or scale-textured brush) to begin with, and then using the standard brush (small size) to gently bring out the forms.. =)

  2. I agree with illustration poetry & Julia- very nice work and impressive athmosphere! It is very interesting for me to see your work develop :)

    1. Thank you Rohmy, got a ways to go yet, but thank you all the same =)