Saturday, 25 February 2012

UDK Crypt Floors

Heeeey! =)  About half way through the project now, really excited to be heading toward the finish now! =) Redone the floor, happier with this cuz it feels more like rock slabs =) Worked on grave pieces for the sides.. Taylor showed me a great tutorial on specular maps. Definitely worth reading if you are confused like I was about specular maps. =) Also learnt that UDK has to have Normal maps with the Y channel flipped, so basically X+Y-Z+ (instead of the usual X+Y+Z+), when you render maps in 3DS/Xnormal.

Downloaded a bunch of Blizzcon 2011 videos, very inspiring stuff, particularly the Diablo 3 gameplay demos and Making of Black Soulstone cinematic. Next going to make the dias and the broken lady statue =) Have a nice weekend guys! =)


  1. WOW!!!
    very impressive... It looks so real :)
    how long did it take you to get this far?
    cant believe how real it looks lol
    Keep it up :D

    1. Aww thx's for the compliment man, I'm happy to hear that =) So far I've spent 11 days on this. Ah cheers man, that really means alot to me =) Have a good one =)

  2. yeah!
    very good work!
    flagstone looks great!
    I am delighted :)

    1. Thank you Pums, much appreciated man =)