Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Final Major Project - Preproduction

Heeey =)

First post for 2012, got to do 4 practical projects, and then it's game over! Waahaa!!! =)

- Collab - Fantasy (Enviro design) with Jamie (Preproduction 65% complete)
- Collab - Kiwi Bird Adventure (Creature design) with Jeremy (Preproduction 50% complete)
- Personal (Char design) - Witchdoctor (Preproduction 5% complete)
- Personal (Char design) - Tempest (Preproduction 0% complete)

We have to hand in next Monday =) Going to be a tough week, got a tonne of stuff still to do =) Ah well, really enjoyed the holidays =) Lull =)

Half assed room concept (got another 7 of these buggers to do... meep!) =)
I used some Brick Brushes here, cuz I don't feel insane enough to draw out each and every brick =) Lull!!! =)

Anatomy Study for the Creature, it's gonna be a wild boar (or supposed to be) =)

Initial Body Concepts for the Creature

Jeremy liked Number 4, but with the hairy bits and tusks of Number 1 =) He didn't want any sillyness either, so much of the comedy was removed =)

Jeremy wanted very detailed, yet very cutesy looking eyes, so came up with these..

Got feedback from last year's tutorial and more variation was needed, so came up with these...

And then from the previous set of eyes, Jeremy liked Number 5 but with not so much glare, also Jannie liked Number 2, so took those ones further and came up with this set.. =)

Also did these silos, must say I didn't really play around that much.. oh well... =)

Right, got to finish the concepts for the Fantasy Enviro now, get feedback from Jeremy and finish up the creature for a colour painting, and then nail my two character designs. Wooohoo, gonna be an awesome week! =)

Cheers Guys! =)

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