Friday, 21 October 2011

UDK BackAlley Final Preview =)

Heeyy! =)

This is the last preview I'm showing you guys before I work toward the finished thing =) Worked most of the day on this =) 90% finished with the texturing and high poly =) Decided to not bother high polying the street lamps or the sky wires cuz they're in shadow mostly and you'd just see the silhouette most of the time =) Still have to tidy up a few things and apply finishing touches =) Then onto reviewing the Lighting, Sounds, and Cinematics with UDK Matinee =) Cheers Cheers! =)


  1. hi edward,
    thank you very much for your crit and the effort! *_* I never feel offended when receiving a good and sense-making critique.
    IDK why but I get insecure when starting too loose. It really bugs me. I feel like it's kidna hard to make a detailled person-drawing out of such simple structures. but you are totally right and thank you :) I will try to draw even simplier shapes than i usually do - like you showed me. Lines and circles. let's see how it works for me. :D

    Oh, and i have a question: Are you able to do simple things in 3D like weapons ?

  2. Aww Thank you Stella! =) Well.. mm.. there are many ways to draw, so don't feel like you have to draw in a particular way, jus ideas yeah =)

    Mmm, I haven't actually made any weapons in 3D no.. mmm it hasn't really interested me in the past, however I may do one this year perhaps.. never say never as they say, if I have some time this year I'll do one okay =)

    Cheers Stella! =)