Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lines Lines! =)

Crit-me-hard (tm)! =)


  1. ooh nice! really love the overlayed poses on the second scan, very classic :D
    My crit would be stiffness especially in the joints and legs. A little curve and rhythm would go a long way here :)

  2. Ahh thank you Julia! =) Okay, I'll look at how to improve the rhythym in them =) Thank you very much for the feedback, much appreciated! =)
    Cheers Cheers! =)

  3. That Idea with drawing multiple limbs is really good.
    I know legs are kinda difficult to draw but try drawing only legs and you will very soon have found out how they're shaped.
    It also took me some leg-drawings to get them right. and still they're hard to me x)

  4. @Stella - Aww thank you for the compliment Stella! =) Yip I love drawing multilimbs, allows you to experiment and practice lots =) Yip will practice legs on their own tonight, I actually did a few this morning after reading your comment, and will do a few pages of them =) Thank you very much for the feedback Stella, I appreciate it alot! =) Good luck with your next piece too =) Keep well for now =) Cheers Cheers! =)