Thursday, 27 October 2011

Final Major Project Reflections

Okay, so a quick reflection here, this is now the -last- Uni project for my course, I'm going to be working on a fantasy/undead theme for my final. Actually looking forward to it as I really want to have fun on the last leg now =)

I've been looking at Diablo 3, which looks gorgeous btw, I'm a huge fan of the games series, played Diablo 1 and 2 and the expansion pack over and over, and the new one which is coming out next year looks like it's not going to disappoint!

It looks Helluva Good, pardon the pun! =)

Here are some screenshots of the game to show particular moods and themes I'm interested in.. basically cathedrals, dungeons, graveyards, and undead.. =) What a divine combo! =)


  1. i see progress! Pretty cool you're getting better in anatomy. go go go ;D dont forget the muscles.

  2. Awww thanx Stells! =) Really appreciate the support =) Will keep practicing, Cheers! =)