Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The end of summer today apparently..


  1. nice!! I've never seen a drying rack like that though, all ours here are azn-style xP

  2. Aww thank you =) Lull.. yip, just a dinky washing line =) Azn style, sounds funky =) Is that Arizona? =) Hope to get my faces sorted soon.. they are bad atm.. gonna do some skull studies and then go from there.. Really nice to meet you btw, think your rendering is like your best work imho, keep drawing and practicing, you are amazing already =) Thank you for helping me btw, I been checking out some of your works as well =) Chat soon =)

  3. azn = asian Apologies xD
    Skull studies are great! (That reminds me, I should do some proper skull studies.. ) Thanks for the compliments and good luck with your heads, I have a feeling you learn very fast :)

    Oh btw, Followers pane has been added to my blog as you wished. ;p

  4. Thank you a million =) I'm very pleased to hear that. Btw, I think your rendering rocks, and with more practice with like figures, I think great things will happen, let's get on with getting better! =) Let's keep up every day =)

  5. Thank you muchly Marianne! =) =)