Friday, 13 May 2011

Major Project - Rachel Wing Mark II, and coming to an end.. =)

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Thx's =)

Hey Guys and Girlz! =)

Major Proj is coming to an end.. yippee!! =) Well, I enjoyed some parts, I LOVED working with you guys.. I particularly enjoyed chilling at Taylor's place and just working on 3d with him, he's just awesome =) *man hug* =)

I'm thinking that the parts I enjoyed was learning more Modeling (I had serious doubts about my ability to 3d model, and it still isn't quite there yet), and then a bit of rigging (but there is so much more to learn, it's really complicated subject, not really sure I wanna take it further).

Haven't really learnt that much Texturing and Lighting though, I had plans to learn it more, but there just isn't enough time so I can only make do with the week we have left to render and prepare the final proj and such.

Mmm, so anyway, I loved coming up with an enviro concept, and even though it had to be cut down a lot, I still enjoyed coming up with the concept and stuff. I totally love enviro design, but I realise I need to practice it more. Enjoyed making the characters, Rachel was the most challenging so far, I was constantly reminded by Guy to look at my proportions, so I gotta watch out for that for the next character. Also I need to learn how to make 3d vehicles cuz I'm not too good at making them.

And finally thank you to Taylor for helping me a TONNE with art and 3d advice, means so much to me bro. Thank you very very verrrry much =)

Next post will prolly be the final last one for Major Proj. See you guys  =)

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