Thursday, 24 March 2011

Major Project - Abomination Wip

Low poly face for Abomination, gonna rig this for face animation next.. =) Have fun =)


  1. Hey hey hey! Your modelling has really improved. It looks like you have a good sstructure on the mesh. The only thing I might say is try to play about with the form that you got to make it look more interesting. Keep the poly count by all means. I wouldn't want to cut or some more structure. But maybe move a few verts around the eyes and mouth as I think they might need some more definition. Also judging by the reference, I think the neck needs lengthening and thickening. Also be sure to check the shoulders as I think they need to be more pointy. Nice stuff bud!

  2. Hey bro.. lull.. thank you =) Those are some good points, I've made some adjustments to the mouth area cuz it was a bit uninteresting as you say.. made it fit into his face nicer. For eyes I'll detail them, but not in the low poly, atm it's hard to imagine them detailed but like when the high poly and texturing go on you'll see them more detailed, it's just the overall form atm.. but I'll make sure the eyes are more detailed, promise.. if I'm capable of texturing, hahaha.. I suck at it =) Keep well bro =)