Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rogue - Eyes =)


  1. nice mate, u seem to adapt quickly to a program. Hope all this work will improve your 3d understanding in drawing and u can be sure that the better u become in drawing and fundamentals of shape and form the easier 3d art will be for u
    keep up the good hard work
    I love your will
    keep it up

  2. Luuull!! Thank you bro.. yip.. mmm tbh.. for the whole of my first year I didn't know how to use the 3DS Max programme properly.. so I had to learnt it.. but then I really want to learn it now a lot more.. like you guys inspire me, my othter friend Taylor also inspires me a lot. Yip definitely.. I wanna improve the 2d art and the 3d art now at the same time, get both to an awesome level. You also inspire me a tonne, we are going to get there. We got to have the faith. Thank you bro.. I love that you also keep going and trying hard. Maybe I will post tutorials on my work or show some ways of how I work but tbh.. I'm not sure whether I'm ready for it yet.. maybe another few months or so.. wanna get to Dominance War quality you know and then I maybe am more comfortable.. Okay I will stop rambling.. Have an awesome day bro, mm have fun always okay, that is the -most- important. Keep well bro. =)