Monday, 17 January 2011

Major Project - Pipeworks 54 Room Designs

Room designs for the Pipeworks 54, my environment for Major Project. I decided to go with a schematic (shown earlier, but has since been updated now), sketches to develop my ideas for the area, and then top views to show specific details for the area. I coloured them with light washes of colour to emphasise a certain bleek and sci fi atmosphere and mood I would like for the area. I'm hoping the overall design is sufficient for a previs, as I notice other people have made painted shots of their areas. Anyway, hopefully these are suitable, I thought they would be better because I have many rooms which would likely all need shots, so I thought this way may be better imho. Okay cool, have fun guys! =)


  1. beautiful sketches and concepts!!!nice to see things like that :)

  2. Luuul!! Thank you bro.. you are the best.. I hope you have a wonderful evening and keep ROCKING too! =)