Friday, 24 December 2010

Major Project - Main Characters

Here are my characters for Major Project.. the Abomination (ugly ass end boss), Rachel (Supergirl Sarge!), and Verity, we aren't sure what she's gonna be yet, maybe the half sister of Rachel or the girl inside the Abomination, and then they have to rescue her, something like that! Kthx's!  MERRILY CHRISTMAS to YOU! =)


  1. merry christmas edward!!!
    great to see u doing these concepts, i like the hard work you are doing mate.Definitely u are improving
    keep up

  2. Aww man.. thank you.. you don't know what that means to me.. Thank you very much bro.. I hope to become as good as you one day.. and hope that we both become awesome.. Have an awesome Christmas bro.. you ROCK! =)