Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hand Studies

The hand has bothered me for a long time.. so I spent the last week looking at how other artists approached drawing the hand. Honestly, if you are struggling with drawing the hand, there are some things which you should do, and btw, I'm not saying I'm anywhere near good at drawing the hand, but I'm just passing this advice along in the hopes it will help the needy. Firstly, understand the structure of what you're drawing. Look at how Frazetta draws his hands, they are full of power, the gesture feels right, and he knows the structure of the hand as effortless as breathing. Looking at and drawing along with David Finch's Gnomon DVD for Hands, as well as drawing from Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Figure Drawing book (I've owned this for a while but didn't understand it until recently). The secret to Hogarth's drawing books is to not read too much into what he's saying. Just copy the structure in his drawings, and then draw the contour (edges) around the structure. You will surprise yourself if you can do that, I promise.. Anyway, I suck, but just providing this info to help, because the hand is VERY HARD TO DRAW and I want to help others understand it..

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