Monday, 28 June 2010

Self Portrait 2

Okay, so here is my next attempt at a self portrait in acrylics. These paints dry faster than you can blink. I find it almost impossible to blend, so it's actually quite interesting to do poster studies with them. I'm going to hunt around the art shops in Cardiff for some acrylic drying time extender, because coupled with the summer weather we're having and the notorious drying time, it makes it challenging to paint with.. not complaining in the least though!

Added some cast shadow at the end, so this kind of messed the whole thing up, I'm pretty glad I made this mistake, and learnt so much just from this study alone, how to fix things in particular, colour matching, a bit of edges too, so it's all good stuff.

Anyways.. one of my more embarrassing pieces.. lols..

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