Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Head Sculpt 8 - Final

Okay, so finished this head after about a week and half's worth of work..
Here are the links, so you can see my progress from last week until now, on my Deviant Art page -

1. Blocking in the Head
2. Blocking in the Head, part 2
3. The Mouth
4. Eyes
5. Nose
6. Neck and Adam's Apple
7. The Ear
8. Final Sculpture of the Head

The basic process started with two reference images, a front and a side view. Create a polygon cube, 8 segments high and wide. Shift the vertices and create edge loops and match up the overall shape of the head.

Add more edge loops for more and more detail. Move the vertices to create the shapes of the eyes, nose, mouth and all other parts of the face and neck.

I'm still not really happy with this head, but it's in a somewhat finished state. I would need to spend some more time now to add polish to it and to refine things a little better.

Next, I'm considering maybe doing the body or something along those lines..

Thank you and keep well.

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